Путешествие в Халкиду считается одним из лучших “однодневных вариантов” в течение всего года. Оно и не удивительно. Примерно 45 минут на машине (70 км), чуть поболее на автобусе и вы на месте - в Халкиде, административном центре острова Эвбея. Расположен он довольно причудливо: половина на острове, половина на материке, разделенные проливом Эврина. Обе половинки связаны огромным подвесным мостом. Здесь можно наблюдать удивительное зрелище, вызываемое приливными течениями. Сам город с уникальной историей, идущей из глубокой древности. Из достопримечательностей стоит выделить замок, построенный в 1684 году. А сам остров Эвбея изобилует огромным количеством пляжей.
На автобусе можно добраться от станции Liossion: Справки можно получить по телефону +30 210 8317153, отправление каждые полчаса с 05:30 до 22:30. Информацию о железнодорожном сообщении можно узнать по телефонам +30 2210 86617, 22394, 31316, 22386
Фото и текст: Александр Фролов

Balancing on one foot in Sterea Ellada and on the other in Euboea, Chalkida is one of the most beautiful cities of Greece. Its strategic location with the two harbors blessed this city with a great history, starting as early as the Paleolithic years, when the first settlements were built in the region. The first major settlement though was built around 3000 BC and developed into a fairly strong city, which lasted at least a millennium. In the Geometric period, Chalkida evolved even further and together with Eretria were the two major cities of Euboea. Its rich history is now guarded in the Archaeological Museum of Chalkida, which hosts archaeological finds from the whole Euboea, and is one of the bigger attractions of the city. Moving forward in the history and coming to today, Chalkida is a modern city, with a population of approximately 60,000 inhabitants, very active in the industry and the cultural sector, and a popular tourist destination. It is connected to the mainland Greece by two bridges, the “Sliding Bridge” in the west at the narrowest point of the Euripus Strait and an impressive suspension bridge, the famous Bridge of Chalkida, which is a modern technological achievement, with a length of almost 700 meters, hanged from wire ropes. Talking about the Euripus Strait, a unique phenomenon takes place there, which is known as tide (rise and fall of the water levels). The strait of Euripus is subject to strong tidal currents which reverse direction approximately four times a day, lasting for about six hours each. This creates an amazing sight for visitors from all over the world. But this is not the only reason for someone to visit Chalkida: The Castle Karababa, which occupies the entire top of the hill of Kanithos, the mosque Emir-Zade which is a characteristic monument of the time, the archaeological and the folklore museum of the city are among the places that worth a visit. If we add to them the numerous taverns, cafes and bars which are spread in the city, then you can be sure that you will never have a dull moment in Chalkida.
How to get there: Chalkida is about 70 km from Athens. The journey by car takes approximately 45 minutes, while the transition in Chalkida can also be done by train and bus. If you choose the car, take the highway Athens-Lamia (E75) and then follow the signs to Chalkida. The bus routes are every half hour from 05:30 until 22:30. Bus Liossion Station (200 Liossion Avenue, Athens), tel:: +30-210 83 17 153. The services of suburban Athens-Chalkida-Athens phone: +30-22210.86.617, 22394, 31316, 22386.
Τext: Marilou Pantazi

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